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Lunenburg Commercial & Residential Real Estate Inspection

Buying or selling a Lunenburg home, condo, or commercial building can be one of the most rewarding dealings made in a lifetime. Yet no matter how attractive a property may seem on the surface; achieving a complete understanding of its actual structural condition before making an investment is crucial to the protection and security of your investment.

Why are Real Estate Inspections Important?

Due to the fact that a buyer or seller has already put in a significant amount of money into the process, why is hiring an independent inspector a wise choice? As mentioned above it is important so that one can make a more accurate assessment of the property and understand where improvements need to be made. But it is more than just that.

Real Estate Inspection Will Ensure Safety

Real estate inspections are also about the safety, for all parties involved. There are many instances where a repair reveals a health risk. The most seemingly minor issues can turn into major ones in an instant! Like a cracked foundation, which can easily lead to structural instability or the possibility of radon buildup. A crack in an old wall could finally expose occupants to asbestos. Even a broken light fixture is a sign that something isn’t quite right, it indicates the possibility of faulty wiring which is a fire hazard. If any one of these issues pop up, then those using the property are in danger, while those who sold it could meet with some serious legal ramifications.

Thus, when the people of Lunenburg call on an inspector they are not only safeguarding their possible investments, but are also protecting people from both physical and financial harm.

bts Property Inspections Inspections Will Save you Money

bts Property Inspections offers appointments for home and building inspections, 7 days a week, at convenient hours for buyers, sellers, investors, business owners, or realtors, in the Lunenburg region. Whether you are buying a home or selling commercial property, we’ll put your mind at ease with a detailed written inspection prognosis. You’ll see how our report functions as a valuable tool during the negotiation process.

With bts Property Inspections experts qualified building and home inspections Lunenburg home buyers won’t need to worry. We’ll help you avoid problems and surprises that would lead to costly ramifications.

Additional Services

  • WETT Inspection
  • Infrared Inspections


Rick is knowledgeable in his field and great to work with. I would recommend him to anyone if they need a property inspection done!

— Rachel Naugler

bts Property Inspections Services Include

  • Residential home inspection
  • Pre-listing home inspection

State-of-the-art services (Infrared thermography, digital telephoto lens cameras and more)

  • Pre-purchase home inspection
  • Commercial building inspection

Inspection Reports – A Valuable Business Tool

Our certified bts Property Inspections inspectors perform complete interior and exterior evaluations of residential and commercial properties. These include detailed written reports for any damage or deficiency within the structure or operational systems, along with qualified repair recommendations. Our inspection reviews function as valuable tools during a real estate transaction; they also offer a clear and effective blueprint for contractors.

Quality Lunenburg Real Estate Inspections

bts Property Inspections adheres to the highest standard of home inspection practice within the industry. Our team of dedicated professionals are extensively trained and attend seminars and workshops throughout the year on new developments in the field.

We invite you to have a look at the rest of our website or contact us with any questions you may have.

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